April’s UFO

The UFO number for April over at Patchwork Times was 5.  I know, it’s July.  I did start this in April, so that counts right?

My number 5 UFO is a bin of butterfly fabrics.  Many years ago, probably 12 or so, I made a baby quilt with multiple butterfly fabrics.  I only needed a small piece of each fabric, so I have 20+ fabrics in this bin.


My original plan was to make a jelly roll race quilt, with a butterfly applique.  That quilt would use very little of the fabric.  I ended up with three planned projects.

The first is still a jelly roll quilt, but I’ll be making another jelly roll charm chase quilt from Moda Bakeshop.  I cut charms from the butterfly fabrics and the strips are various solid/tonal fabrics from my scrap bins.


I also cut 2.5″ strips from the butterfly fabrics.  No idea what this will become.  I’m open to suggestions!


And finally, I made a disappearing 9-patch quilt.  I used this tutorial from Jedi Craft Girl. The top has been done for a month or two, but as always, I procrastinated on the borders.  Since my OMG for July is to finish up these tops that just need borders I pulled this out as a quick win.


Here’s the top after I added the borders:

disappearing 9-patch

I was happy with it until I noticed that the border fabric created a sort of secondary border.  Three sides had the purple facing out, but the top had the purple inwards.  The fact that three sides ended up the same was completely accidental.  But it made it look like the top border was incorrect.  So I ripped and flipped it.


Now that it’s a flimsy it will go in the pile to be quilted.  I did add this to my Q3 FAL goal, so maybe it will get done this quarter.

Not sure when the other two will be finished.  I love the way the jelly roll charm chase quilt turns out, but the beginning stages can be a little tedious.  And as I mentioned, I don’t have a plan for the 2.5″ strips.

I think once I finish these quilts I’ll drop most of the remaining butterfly fabrics off on the free table at my guild.  These fabrics have sat in the bin for far too long, and they’re not really my taste anymore.  Four quilts is more than enough!

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Broken Record – Q3 FAL

I haven’t been very successful finishing quilts this year.  But there’s still half the year to go, so there’s still time!

Unfortunately the lack of finishes means my list looks pretty much the same as last quarter.

But a couple of recent quilt tops (or in progress tops) have recipients and so have a greater chance of being finished.

And a baby quilt for my father’s co-worker.  This is just at the fabric pull stage, but it needs to be finished this quarter.


There’s no way I’ll get all of these done, but with 11 options something will get done.  Right?

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Mid-Year Review

At the end of last year, I linked my 2018 quilty goals up with Quilting JETgirl.  She’s hosting another link-up for a mid year review.

So how am I doing?  As mentioned several times, the first half of this year was much busier then I anticipated.  Work travel and family events, plus surgery and recovery for my father occupied much of my time.

My Goals for 2018 are:

  • Finish 12 tops and 12 quilts.  This is general enough that all the goals that follow will count toward this one.

I’m doing pretty well on the top front.  I have finished 7 tops, which puts me 1 top ahead.  If I make my OMG, I’ll have 9 tops done by the end of July.  Here are a few tops finished this year.

The 12 finished quilts not so much.  I’ve finished 3, which were for my quilt show in March.  I have 3 quilted and another 2 ready to send to the LA.  I’m pretty sure I’ll still meet this goal.  It tends to come together at the end.

Beach Spiral


Pajama Party


It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown


  • Starting at least 2 new quilts just because.  Not to meet a challenge or as a gift, bu just because I want to.  I have some ideas, some bucket list quilts, but I want this to be open-ended.  To have the freedom to go where my quilting journey takes me.

I have meet this goal!  I went on a quilt retreat in March, and finished a Moda Bake Shop pattern, Jelly Roll Chase.


I am currently working on a quilt from the book Modern Log Cabin.  Here it is on my design wall


  • Finish enough “bin” projects so that all the bins fit in their designated space
    • I have a shelf that can fit 6 project bins and I’d love to lower it to 4 bins, to add another shelf for fabric.  I currently have 10 bin projects.  While two can be moved out all together, that still leaves me with 4 project

This has seen a little bit of progress.  1 bin had a project partially completed, it just needs borders.  A few bins hold BH mysteries.  More about that below.  The downside is additional projects have been started that use these bins.  They’re lying around the studio.

  • Finish my Bonnie Hunter mysteries.  Some of these are part of the bins mentioned above, but I wanted to specifically highlight these projects.  I’d like to be done with these before 2018’s mystery quilt
    • Allietarewill end up with at least 3 tops, maybe 4.  1 is done.  2 is to the border stage, but it will be a pieced border.  3 & 4 aren’t designed yet.
    • Grand Illusions is my current leader & ender
    • Easy Street is part of the bins mentioned above.
    • Ringo Lake, the current mystery.  I haven’t started this, but fabric has been pulled and purchased

Allietare #2 is part of my OMG.  I also occasionally participate in Pathwork Times UFO Challenge and the number pulled for July is my Allietare bin.  So progress may be made here.  Either way, it will be done by year’s end.

Grand Illusions is still my current leader & ender.  It is closing in on assembling blocks.  This progress is depend on how much sewing time I get, which has not been much this year.  Easy Street will become the leader & ender when Grand Illusions gets to top stage.  Ringo Lake was dropped.  I never got started and at this point may as well wait for the next mystery

  • Finish my 2017 Rainbow Scrap Challenge quilt and stay on top of 2018’s RSC quilt.

No progress.  I still hope to finish my 2017 quilt, but the 2018 RSC is being dropped.  The color scheme is a little different then last year (more granular) and the project I picked doesn’t necessarily work.  But I have seen people just work on the main color (for example just red, instead of maroon), so maybe it will make an appearance in the latter part of the year.

  • Make at least 2 tops from my scrap drawers.  Some of them are overflowing, and I’d like to either use these scraps or move them out.

I forgot about this goal, but it sounds good.  I’ll keep it!

  • Use my “collections”.  I am actively purchasing Sweetwater fabrics and Disney movie fabrics.  I also have stacks of Dr. Seuss fabric and Snoopy/Peanuts fabric.  I’d like to start using this fabric in quilts or other projects.

Jelly roll charm chase was made with Cookie Exchange by Sweetwater, so progress has been made.  There are two Sweetwater quilts in progress and plans for at least one more. I’m also working on a Dr. Seuss quilt.

  • Make quilts for the important people in my life, namely my father.  He is my quilt holder for pictures and general supporter of my quilt making.  He also picks up the slack for me when I’m busy quilting.  He’s mentioned a few times that he doesn’t have a quilt of his own.  I’d love to have his finished by the end of the first quarter.  I also have a great-aunt that’s 80+.  Over the years I’ve started quilts for important people in my life, only to be distracted by other projects, and those important people have passed away suddenly.  While I’m not expecting this to happen, I don’t want to regret not making them quilts.

Semi-progress.  Beach galaxy was gifted to my father, but it wan’t really made for him.  I have an idea, but it’s along the line of the Lion King quilt, which means intense paper piecing.  It will be started this year, but unlikely to finish.  I still would like to make a quilt for my great-aunt, and am thinking about making Christmas quilts for my family.

So my revised goals are:

  • Finish 12 tops and 12 quilts.
  • Starting at least 2 new quilts just because.
  • Finish enough “bin” projects so that all the bins fit in their designated space
  • Make progress on my Bonnie Hunter mysteries.
    • Allietare will end up with at least 3 tops, maybe 4.  1 is done.  2 is to the border stage, but it will be a pieced border.  3 & 4 aren’t designed yet.
    • Grand Illusions is my current leader & ender
    • Easy Street is part of the bins mentioned above.
  • Finish my 2017 Rainbow Scrap Challenge quilt.
  • Make at least 2 tops from my scrap drawers.
  • Use my “collections”.
  • Make progress on quilts for the important people in my life, namely my father.

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Still Stripping – More Strip Club Quilts

I’m very far behind on blogging about my strip club quilts.  In fact, I haven’t shown any from this year.  So here they are, all in one post.

January’s challenge was to make the pattern “Strip Stacks” by G.E. Designs.  We could use any fabric. The pattern was jelly roll friendly, so I grabbed one of the few I have.  This is a Bonnie & Camille collection, I believe Hello Darling.


And here is the finished quilt:

stripped stacked

The pattern went together fast, but if I were to make it again I wouldn’t use a jelly roll.  I feel like it could use a little more variety and the final quilt feels a little flat to me.

March’s challenge was to use a panel/large print.  I love panels!  I have an entire shelf of panels in my studio.  And even more large prints.  But using them can be difficult for me, as I’m not drawn to panel quilts with large borders.


I’m thinking about adding another row to the top and bottom, to make it a little longer.

Finally, May’s challenge was to make a pattern by Modern 180.  I chose Love Links, and started with a few fat quarter coordinates from the line Coral Queen of the Sea by Moda.


The pattern went together very easily.  Full confession, I did not use the Deb Tucker ruler that the pattern was designed for.  I know how to make flying geese several different ways, and I have a few rulers for that purpose.  I didn’t feel the need to add another one.

I ended up using Kimberly Einmo’s Easy Star & Geese Ruler.  I had purchased it at a class last year and haven’t used it since.  It worked perfectly, once I reviewed the directions.  That being said, this pattern lends itself well to the 4-at-a-time flying geese method.

July’s challenge it to make a landscape quilt.  There are no guidelines, just what that means to the maker.  I’ve decided to sit this challenge out.  I’m working on some just because projects at the moment (more on those in another post) and I’m not interested in making a landscape quilt at this time.  I am looking forward to seeing what the other ladies come up with.

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At the end of May/beginning of June I headed off to Lancaster, PA for a quilt retreat.  Typically my Lancaster retreat is in the fall, but this year the organizer agreed to host a spring retreat also.  Due to graduations and a local quilt show, this retreat was smaller than usual, only 6 of us made it.  It was still tons of fun, and less people meant plenty of space to stretch out and lay out projects.

I was still recovering from my cold and I had to do some paid work before I headed out on Wednesday.  Since I didn’t get much quilting done in the month of May, I didn’t have a great idea on which projects to bring with me.  In the end, I throw lots of projects in a giant blue Ikea bag and hoped something would work.  I also brought some books and patterns that I wanted to make, thinking I could always go buy a new project 🙂

I ended up spending more time shopping and visiting then I did quilting.  That’s okay.  If finishing projects was the only objective I could have stay home and quilted.  But I rarely get to quilt with other people and I enjoyed spending time with other quilters.

I did work on some things.  I spent some time on my block exchange for this year.  This is the block I chose.


The ladies found the block difficult and of the 5 kits I passed out, 3 came back in pieces.  So I spent some time finishing them off and considering layouts.

I also worked on a previous block swap my guild hosted.  For six months we exchanged a block of a black square surrounded by red strips and for the next six months we exchanged a block of a black square surrounded by white strips.  Here’s the top, minus the borders:


I plan on putting a border around it to bring it to size.  I have a few red, black and white fabrics I’m considering.

This quilt was also worked on.  I added two of the borders before I had to hit the road back home.


I also spent quite a bit of time shopping.  If you’ve never been to Lancaster, there are lots of quilt shops in the area and the prices are generally cheaper than I find at home.  Prices were around $9/yd and one shop had a 25% off coupon!

Here’s my haul.  It looks like a lot (it is a lot) but at least I generally stuck to needs.

I got quite a bit of yardage for backgrounds.  There are some quilts on my wishlist that use 4+ yards of background.  Most of my stashed backgrounds are between 2 and 3 yards.  Most are 5 yard cuts.  The average price of these were $5/yd and the 25% off coupon could be used.


This piece is for a BOM I have planned


Backing for Aegean Sea


And some just because:


I also brought fabric for a log cabin, which I’ll show in an upcoming post.

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Border(line) Crazy – July OMG

June was another month of not meeting my OMG. Like much of the first half of the year, June just slipped away from me.

But it’s a new month and the start of the second half of the year.  Time for new goals, new starts and finishes.

My July goal is to finish up tops that just need a border.  This is kinda a throw back to my December OMG.  My official goal is to border two tops.

This quilt was mentioned in the December post.  In this case, a decision may be made to not add a border and call it done.  But it’s been lingering in the maybe state for too long.


This is a recent start, but needs a border to bring it to size.  I have a floral print that would match, but I’m starting to think a nice black print would go better.


This quilt is my Allietare #2.  Due to a cutting error, I ended up with a smaller Allietare #1 and leftover blocks.  I have an idea for a pieced border.


I haven’t posted about this one yet.  It was a strip club quilt.  It’s relatively small. A good baby-sized quilt, but not baby theme.  May check into the size needed for wheelchair quilts and bring it up to size.


And finally, this very wrinkled top is a disappearing 9-patch done in butterfly fabrics.  Will add a border to bring it to a nice baby/toddler quilt size.


With five tops to choose from, or more if I come across one that just needs borders, I’m sure I can finish two by the end of the month.

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Finishing – June OMG

It’s been over a month since I last posted!  My break wasn’t planned, but I ended my season of travel with a never ending cold.  After 3 weeks, a round of antibiotics and a strong cough medicine, I’m finally back to normal.

My OMG for June is to finish a quilt.  Any quilt.  These three just need binding, so they’re likely candidates.

My quarter 2 FAL list also included these quilts:

None of the above have been quilted yet.  I’m still in the process of adding borders for two of the quilts.  And I still have dreams of quilting Aegean Sea by hand.  These are unlikely to be finished.

But I’m not limiting myself to the quilts included in this post.  One of my year goals is to finish 12 quilts, 1 per month.  So far I’ve finished 3.  Since I’m so far behind, and honestly trying to get my quilt mojo back from a first half of year of travel and other time commitments, I don’t want to limit myself.  Whatever inspiration strikes to finish works!

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