Moving Along – To Do Tuesday 1/11/22

Progress was made on all my goals last week!

  • Pick an OMG – this needs to be done by tomorrow!

Done! My OMG is to finish this quilt:

  • Get started on my red scraps, the RSC color for January

Done! My red scraps have been pulled and are currently all over my quilting room.

  • Fold some fabric

Done! Or at least one grocery bag’s worth. It’s not the biggest bag, but it’s progress.

  • Start cutting fabric for the exploding heart QAL: you can find more info here!

Done! But only because the goal was to start cutting the fabric. I’ve got a bit more to cut before Thursday’s step.

Can I top last week? Let’s see. Here are the goals for this week:

  • Finish cutting out Exploding Heart, start on this week’s step
  • Begin paper-pieced Ducktales block
  • Begin Australia quilt
  • Put binding on Snoopy Valentine’s Day quilt
  • Continue working on red scraps

My fabric arrived this afternoon for the Australia quilt, so it’s time to get started.

We’re in the process of taking down the Christmas decorations. A little later than most people, but since I got COVID over the holiday, we didn’t actually open gifts until this past weekend. Once those are down, I’ll use the Snoopy Valentine’s Day quilt on the back of the sofa. I plan on binding by machine, so this shouldn’t take long.

Now off to get started!

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That’s not working – Red RSC

One of my goals for the year is to participate in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge (RSC). January’s color is red, which I was really excited about because I haven’t worked with my red scraps in awhile (I didn’t make it that far in the challenge last year). These are the RSC projects I have going on right now:

Getting started on my red scraps is one of my Tuesday to-do-list items, so I pulled out my scrap bin Thursday night:

I mentioned in a previous post that I don’t seem to use red much; my scrap bin is pretty anemic. I planned on at least sorting out my 1.5″, 2″ and 2.5″ strips. And hoped to make blocks for the above projects, along with some new idea.

But after emptying the scrap bin, that’s not working. There just isn’t much there.

Some strips:

Some chunks:

Some scraps left behind:

I’ll probably be able to make blocks for the projects above. I’m not sure about the new projects.

I do have other red scraps floating around, but they’re tied up on other projects. These are mainly Bonnie Hunter mystery quilts, and I don’t want to use them until those quilts are done.

Either way, I’ll get started on something this week. Even if it’s not exactly as planned.

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January OMG

As I right this, I’m at a natural breaking point in my quilting. There aren’t any quilting deadlines I need to meet. I finished my low-hanging fruit quilt tops earlier this week. There are some things I need to finish, but none to be finished before March at the earliest.

This has left me trying to figure out what I want my goal to be for January. My original thought was to finish the two tops that were so close to being done at the end of the year. I finished them both this week.

That leaves me with being practical or making a stretch goal. I may as well go for the stretch!

I decided to play along with the APQ UFO challenge this year. January’s number is 12.

This is the quilt in the #12 spot.

I believe I started this quilt in either 2011 or 2012. The pattern was in this edition of Quiltmania, published in 2007.

One of my aunt’s loves all things Australian and I had decided to make quilts for all my aunts (I had 6 to make). My record keeping was a little suspect back then, so I’m not sure when I started this, other then being certain all 6 quilts did not get done in the same year.

Either way, I started this quilt with hopes of giving to my aunt for Christmas. I loved the design and I picked up the magazine with the pattern and a quilt kit at the Hampton Quilt Show. I think this was my first quilt kit, and while I love the ease of kits, it turned out I wasn’t a huge fan of the fabric. I got close to being done when I realized so many of the aboriginal fabrics in the kit had bugs in the design. I was not a fan. So I packed this up with the thought that I would supplement with a few fat quarters of non-bug aboriginal fabric.

So why is this a stretch goal?

I’m pretty sure I picked up fabric for this quilt over the years. I have no idea where that fabric is. I did some searching the last few days and came up empty. Fortunately, I was able to find some that I liked on Etsy, for a reasonable price. The fabrics are on their way as I type, but they’re not here yet. So this is a stretch goal because by time the fabrics show up, I’ll only have a couple of weeks to complete my goal.

So that’s the goal, to get my #12 UFO to the flimisy stage by the end of the month.

Hopefully it will looks something like this once it’s done!

Oh, by the way. I made my aunt a different Australian quilt. For her next quilt, she requested a quilt that incorporates our Puerto Rican heritage, so this quilt may end up being donated or sitting in the top pile for awhile.

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Getting Started – To-Do Tuesday

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a To-Do Tuesday post. But some things never change, and posting on a day that’s not Tuesday is one of those things.

I mentioned in my last post that I tested positive for Covid-19 over the holiday. I’m fortunate it was a relatively minor case, but it did zap my energy. Never the less, I got enough time in the quilting room to knock out somethings that would have been on my to-do list this week.

So here’s what’s left:

  • Pick an OMG – this needs to be done by tomorrow!
  • Get started on my red scraps, the RSC color for January
  • Fold some fabric
  • Start cutting fabric for the exploding heart QAL: you can find more info here!

I’ve got some ideas for my red scraps, beyond just separating out the strips. I don’t use a lot of red, so this basket is pretty manageable.

I also have quite a bit of fabric to fold. This would have been an excellent project while dealing with Covid, but inspiration never hit. This may end up being my OMG. The picture doesn’t do the pile justice. The rainbow bag is one of the giant IKEA bags. This is fabric I accumulated in the last quarter of the year, along with some fabrics that were pulled from stash to audition or use in quilts.

And here are the colors I’m considering for the Exploding Heart QAL. I have a family friend who requested a heart quilt and she likes the color red. I’m thinking the background will be white & black prints.

Thanks for stopping by!


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2021 Wrap-up & 2022 Goals

I don’t think I had any firm goals for 2021. After 2020, maybe the idea was just to survive? Or my usual goal of finishing 12 tops and 12 complete quilts. I’m sure blog more was also a goal, but since I haven’t posted since July, I don’t think I accomplished that.

I came close finishing 12 tops this year, but fell short at 9. Here are a few pictures. I’m limited to pictures I had already taken, I tested positive for COVID and am currently in isolation.

And here are some quilts finished this year:

Now on to my 2022 Quilty goals:

  • Finish 12 tops and 12 complete quilts
  • Finish Broadway Quilt
  • Make quilts for two of my aunts on my dad’s side
  • Participate in the rainbow scrap challenge
  • Use some of the new dies I just brought from Accuquilt
  • Make quilts from quilt books

It’s not easy writing this post out on my tablet, so I’ll end my goals there.

Happy New Year Everyone!


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Easy Street – July OMG

Picking a project for my OMG is always a bit difficult. It’s always a balance between projects that I need to get done and projects that I feel like working on. Now that we’re in the second half of the year, time always seems to speed up. I have 3 quilts that need to be finished this year. The first is a wedding quilt for my cousin, with needs to be done by end of September. A different cousin is having a baby in November. And I’d like to finish the Broadway quilt for Christmas this year.

But last month was about projects that needed to be finished. And July is going to be a busy month, with not a lot of time for quilting. I have a trip in a few weeks, and when I get back, my Squishy will be visiting for a few weeks.

So this month my OMG will be what I feel like working on, Easy Street. This was my leader/ender project for a couple of years. This year it got to the stage that it needed to be a main project.

Here are the individual blocks. I have 11 more side blocks to finish. After I took the picture I realized it was missing a triangle. So I have 11.2 blocks to finish?

I am going to challenge myself this month, even though it will be busy. My goal is to have a finished top. Hopefully by doing so I’ll clear up some space, both mentally and in my quilting room. Then I can get started on one of the must do quilts.


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A Few Finishes

I’m happy to say I completed my OMG for June!

These quilts started all the way back in 2017, when my cousin took her sons to Walt Disney World. Instead of using an autograph book, the boys collected signatures on fabric (Kona Snow and Kona Butter). But they went in August and it was really hot so they didn’t get many signatures. Fast forward to 2019, another trip to Disney, this time in November so they were able to get enough signatures for quilts.

I had high hopes to finish these quilts in 2020, but the pandemic hit and with homemade mask, Disney fabric was scarce and expensive. But, with the oldest of my cousin’s sons turning 15, I knew I was running out of time before he was too old to appreciate having a Disney quilt.

First up is Squishy’s quilt. As I mentioned, he’ll be 15 soon, so I decided to stick with predominately red, black and grey fabrics. I also avoided princess fabrics. I quilted it with a serpentine stick over the seams. I went for throw size, something he can use when watching a movie or playing video games.

Next up is Cha’s quilt. He’ll be 9 this year, so he’s still at the age where he likes Disney. I wanted a different layout from Squishy’s quilt, and I thought this panel would be perfect for him. Since his signature blocks were yellow, the Disney fabrics needed to be a bit more colorful for balance. And I did include princess fabrics in his quilt.

I forgot to take pictures of the boys holding their quilts. But funny story. I asked the boys if they minded their picture being included in my blog. Both agreed, but only if they got a portion of my profits. Squishy wanted 5%, Cha 50%. I agreed to both and informed them that both 5% and 50% of $0 equals $0. Squishy actually doesn’t mind, Cha isn’t a fan of having his picture taken.

Overall, I’m glad I got these quilts done before my trip. And the trip itself was great; I had fun spending time with my cousins and getting food from my favorite Indian restaurant. Unfortunately, I came back with a sinus infection so these last few days have been pretty miserable.

Thanks for stopping by!


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June OMG

I’m sneaking in at the last minute with a OMG for June. My goal is related to April’s OMG, projects #3 & #4 of the floor projects.

For June, I’d like to complete my cousin’s sons Disney signature quilts. They’re both at the top stage, so they need to be quilted and bound. And since I’ll be visiting them this month, I only have a few weeks to get them finished!


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A Little Blue, A Lot of Green

I’m behind on posting about the RSC, but I have been pulling colors each month. It’s a new month, and the color is red. I haven’t pulled those scraps yet, so I thought I could recap my RSC projects for the last few months.

February was yellow. I pulled the scraps and separated out the 1.5″, 2.0″ and 2.5″ strips. I picked out a project, but never started.

March’s color was green. I had a lot of green scraps. Here are my piles of strips.

Included in my scraps were 2″ x 3.5″ bricks. I believe I had started cutting these for Bonnie Hunter’s Celtic Solstice Mystery quilt, but I never got past cutting out those few bricks. Instead of cut them into 2″ squares or leaving them just hanging out, I decided to use them up. I paired the bricks with some pink squares and this quilt was born.

Blue was chosen for April. My blue bin was overflowing.

I didn’t get far. I’ve cleaned up the 1.5″ strips. The 2.0″ & 2.5″ strips are on my list for today. I have a stack of chunks that I hope to turn into a quilt.

Hopefully next week I’ll check-in with my red scraps.


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April OMG Complete

My April OMG was to finish a floor project. I had ten projects to choose from and ended up finishing my Morewood Mystery by Meadow Mist Designs.

There was a little progress on the other floor projects. I pulled the Disney signature quilts to work on but realized I needed more fabric. That really is my theme for the year.

Maybe I’ll repeat the goal for May.


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