2018 Goals


2017 is quickly winding down and it’s time to formalize my 2018 goals.  Since I started this blog after the new year, I never officially made 2017 goals.  But the goal that I worked toward all year was to finish 12 tops and 12 quilts, understanding that 1 quilt may be on both lists.

In 2017 I finished:

  1. Tops:
    1. Valentine’s Day Snoopy
    2. Walk in the Park strip club
    3. Fall Brown Bag Challenge
    4. Niece’s graduation quilt
    5. Cozy Quilt Strip Club Challenge
    6. Happy Pirates
    7. Cousin’s graduation quilt (2015 graduation)
    8. Yahoo! Group QT Summer Mystery
    9. Redskin’s
    10. Alltaire top 1
    11. Lion King
    12. Nintendo

Finished Quilts

  1. Male Cousin’s Graduation quilt (2015 graduation)
  2. Chunky Monkey (can be found on my quilts page)
  3. Cousin’s Wedding
  4. Walk in the Park (can be found on my quilts page)
  5. Midnight Garden (can be found on my quilts page)
  6. Scotty Windows (can be found on my quilts page)
  7. Niece’s Graduation quilt
  8. Jungle Off-Track
  9. Pink & Blue Swoon
  10. Redskin’s
  11. Lion King
  12. Nintendo

My Goals for 2018 are:

  • Finish 12 tops and 12 quilts.  This is general enough that all the goals that follow will count toward this one.
  • Starting at least 2 new quilts just because.  Not to meet a challenge or as a gift, bu just because I want to.  I have some ideas, some bucket list quilts, but I want this to be open-ended.  To have the freedom to go where my quilting journey takes me.
  • Finish enough “bin” projects so that all the bins fit in their designated space
    • I have a shelf that can fit 6 project bins and I’d love to lower it to 4 bins, to add another shelf for fabric.  I currently have 10 bin projects.  While two can be moved out all together, that still leaves me with 4 project
  • Finish my Bonnie Hunter mysteries.  Some of these are part of the bins mentioned above, but I wanted to specifically highlight these projects.  I’d like to be done with these before 2018’s mystery quilt
    • Allterie will end up with at least 3 tops, maybe 4.  1 is done.  2 is to the border stage, but it will be a pieced border.  3 & 4 aren’t designed yet.
    • Grand Illusions is my current leader & ender
    • Easy Street is part of the bins mentioned above.
    • Ringo Lake, the current mystery.  I haven’t started this, but fabric has been pulled and purchased
  • Finish my 2017 Rainbow Scrap Challenge quilt and stay on top of 2018’s RSC quilt.
  • Make at least 2 tops from my scrap drawers.  Some of them are overflowing, and I’d like to either use these scraps or move them out.
  • Use my “collections”.  I am actively purchasing Sweetwater fabrics and Disney movie fabrics.  I also have stacks of Dr. Seuss fabric and Snoopy/Peanuts fabric.  I’d like to start using this fabric in quilts or other projects.
  • Make quilts for the important people in my life, namely my father.  He is my quilt holder for pictures and general supporter of my quilt making.  He also picks up the slack for me when I’m busy quilting.  He’s mentioned a few times that he doesn’t have a quilt of his own.  I’d love to have his finished by the end of the first quarter.  I also have a great-aunt that’s 80+.  Over the years I’ve started quilts for important people in my life, only to be distracted by other projects, and those important people have passed away suddenly.  While I’m not expecting this to happen, I don’t want to regret not making them quilts.

That’s all for my quilty goals for 2018.  Looking forward to a fabric filled year!


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One thought on “2018 Goals

  1. I like your 12 tops and 12 finished quilts goal, and congratulations for meeting that goal in 2017! I hope that by having a bit of planning here it will help you know what you want to say “yes” to. Thank you so much for linking up and may you have a peaceful 2018 full of quilting joy!


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