Red & White Sampler quilt

As mention in this post, the first number pulled for the UFO challenge was #10.

Interestingly, my #10 was already on my design wall.


These blocks came from 3 different block exchanges.  It started with an online group, Block Swappers.  I received 12, 12″ blocks.  I decided that wouldn’t be big enough for a quilt, so for my guilds block exchange I passed out 12″ block patterns and asked that they be done in red & white.  This left me with 24 blocks, but no idea how to set them.

Last year I pulled these out and decided to set them with a double 9 patch block.  So for my guild block exchange I had everyone make 3″ red/white 9 patches.


After putting it up on my design wall, it’s still not speaking to me.  The picture doesn’t use the 9 patches as double 9 patches, but I’m no longer a fan of that setting.

Now I’m leaning towards breaking it up into two quilts, maybe 3, if I move the 9 patches into their own quilt.

I’m also considering adding in another color, maybe black 😲.  I just don’t think the two color quilt is speaking to me, even if it’s traditional.

Sweetwater’s newest collection, Project Red, mixes the traditional red & white with taupe.  Maybe I’ll add some of that collection.  I love the red & taupe pluses

Project Red Charm Pack Reservation by Sweetwater for Moda Fabrics - December 2017

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