Who am I? #2020PlanningParty

It’s time to post my goals for 2020 (actually, it’s the last minute).  This will be the third year I have posted my goals.  I wasn’t particularly successful in the previous years, but third time’s a charm, right?

Goal #1:  Who am I?

2019 was a tough year.  I had physical health issues, which lead to mental health issues.  A friendship of over twenty years ended.  I moved from Virginia to Florida.  That was a positive, but it meant leaving the home I lived in for 30 years (since elementary school) and friends and family.  It was a year that made me question, who am I?  Starting over forces you to break routines and try new things.  I move into 2020 in better health (both physically and mentally), ready to meet new people and explore my new home.  But it got me thinking, who am I as a quilter?  The past few years, I’ve had a goal of creating 12 tops and finishing 12 quilts.  I usually meet the tops goal and rarely meet the finish.  Most of the quilts are from challenges.  Those challenges were from my quilting group (which I get to keep!), my guild or from online. But when it was time to move, and I was packing up quilting room, I realized, I’m not attached to most of them.  They were made by me, they came from my fabrics, and I enjoyed making them, but the finished product wasn’t necessarily one I needed to keep.  In fact, my favorite quilt was a pattern picked by someone else, made with swapped fabric.

So, to discover who I am as a quilter, I plan on trying different things this year.  Here’s a list of ideas so far:

  • Use fabric I love
  • Make the bucket list patterns
  • Applique
  • Design a quilt
  • Design paper-pieced patterns (see goal #3)
  • Use creative backgrounds
  • Scraps
  • New tools & techniques
  • Quilt my tops

More ideas may be added.  Some may be taken away.  This isn’t a challenge, per say, so I’m not giving set time limits.  If I find I’m loving the first thing I try, I may stop there.  I would consider that as “Who I am” at the moment.  If I try something and dislike it, I won’t continue it.

Goal #2:  Make a quilt for my father

This really needs to happen this year.  It was delayed because he suggested waiting until we moved.  If I’m making 12 quilts in 2020, one needs to be for my father.

Goal #3:  Make a quilt for my cousin

Most of my cousins have at least one quilt.  Only one of my female cousins doesn’t.  Even her children and mother have quilts from me!  The idea I have requires me to design some patterns, unless Fandom In Stitches has some.  I’d like to make her a Broadway quilt.

Goal #4:  Use what I have

Moving to FL brought me a bigger bedroom, but my quilt room went down in size.  Right now it’s a tight fit.  So, in line with Goal #1, I want to use the fabrics that I love, make the patterns that challenge me, use up those scraps or let them go.  I hope to see space and empty bins by the end of the year. Of course this means I also need to buy less.

And I think that’s enough planning for the year.

Thanks for stopping by!


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5 thoughts on “Who am I? #2020PlanningParty

  1. An interesting and very honest post. I hope you are recovered from your illness, physical and mental. One thing is for sure, quilting will help your recovery and it’s great you are so positive. Good luck with your goals, they all sound achievable, except maybe number four, it’s funny how even when you use up your fabrics a fairy seems to fill them up again, how it happens is beyond me 😂


  2. Hi Mercedes! I am so looking forward to a fabulous 2020 and seeing you meet some of your goals, and perhaps adjust other ones. It will be fun to see! {{Hugs}} Happy New Year. ~smile~ Roseanne


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