Tuesday To Do…On Wednesday

I’m a day late posting my week’s to do list.  This was intentional.  I needed an extra day to decide what I wanted to accomplish this week.  But let’s check in on last week’s list.

#1 Frolic – Progress

I hadn’t realized that clue 6 had already been posted when I made last week’s list.  Bonnie gave us two clues last week, so we’re up to 7.  I’ve finished 1 -3 and need only a few more of clue 5.  Clue 6 ended up using pieces of clue 4, which I skipped.  And clue 7 was another cut before and hold onto.  At this point, I think I’ll wait until the reveal, or at least until blocks are put together.  I don’t like the cutting in advance, as I will definitely do clue 6 a different way and I wouldn’t have that option had I cut it out in clue 4.


#2 Swoon – Progress

All the blocks are made and two rows are together. But I didn’t do my best work and one row and a sashing need to be remove.  So it’s getting there.  But like Frolic, I’m feeling burnt out on this project.  I will power through, as I like the way it’s turning out.

#3 Backings – Progress

Ok, I’m being generous when I say progress.  I’ve pulled out the two quilts that I want to send.  And I’ve picked their backings.  But both have to be pieced and one backing isn’t big enough.  So I’ve been playing with designs, that will best use the fabric I have and will not add too many seems.

#4 Rainbow Scrap Challenge (RSC) – Complete

I did complete something!  I’ve pulled my green scraps and I’ve decided on one RSC project.  Plus I have an idea for another project to use more of the scraps.  More on that on Saturday.


#5 Pick Fabric – Complete

I chose the fabric bundle below and a pattern for my January OMG.


Now on to this week’s to do list.  I struggled a little bit, coming up with a plan for this week. As I mentioned above, I’m burnt out on 2 of the projects and clearly I haven’t been motivated to work on the backings,  which leads me to my first goal.

#1 Spend time in the quilting room

It occurred to me that I didn’t necessarily need to pick a project in advance as a goal.  I just need to get in there.  Once there, I’ll do something.  Even if it’s just organizing and petting my fabric.

#2 Backings

You know, the usual.

#3 Get started on the Violet quilt

I may need to pick up some fabric for this, but I can at least cut out the bundle and background that I’ve chosen.

#4 Start making my RSC blocks

I’m leaving Frolic and Swoon off the list this week.  Some work will probably get done on them.  But I’m not forcing it.


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One thought on “Tuesday To Do…On Wednesday

  1. Hi Mercedes! I think you need to take a short break from Frolic and Swoon. I’ve heard several others mentioning that the cutting instructions were odd or something for step 6/7. Which fabrics are for the Violet project – have you shared those? Are those in #5 above? The backing issue – oh man, that is discouraging to just be a bit short on the fabric. Uggg. But keep in mind – it’s the BACK. Don’t you have something left over from another project or even some of the pieces from Frolic or Swoon that could be used to supplement the backing fabric? {{Hugs}} I know you’ll figure it out. Oh, and thanks for linking up! It doesn’t have to be on Tuesday! ~smile~ Roseanne


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