To – Do Tuesday week#2

It was a pretty good week in my sewing room! I made good progress on last weeks goals.

Goal #1 spend time in the quilting room – Complete

Most of the work was on the goals below, but I also managed to rip apart Swoon, trim the blocks and resew the rows. Now to sew the rows together with shashing and add borders.  I also was able to straighten up my room a bit.

Goal #2 Backings – progress


One is done! I’m halfway there.

Goal #3 Violet – complete


The quilt is cut out! One step closer to completing my OMG for January.

Goal #4 RSC – complete


I’ve completed all the green blocks for one RSC project and made a few blocks for another.

Not a lot of goals for this week.  My Aunt & Uncle are here for their monthly visit 🙂 This means a lot of Disney and family time.  Yesterday my aunt and I hung out in the quilt room, so hopefully we can do more of that during the week.

Goal #1 spend 1.5 hours in the quilt room.  I may only manage 15 minutes a day, but if I don’t make it a goal I won’t get that much time.

Goal #2 Start sewing Violet together

Goal #3 Post on my blog. I need to do a post on my RSC projects for the year , plus I have  some other ideas.

And that’s enough for a week with not a lot of available quilting time.

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One thought on “To – Do Tuesday week#2

  1. Good Morning Mercedes! Are you piecing the backing together with those two fabrics, and in the center strip are alternating fabric blocks? It looks so cool, if that’s what you’re doing. Great job on all of your goals. Visitors do take up our spare time but what you’ll be doing sounds fun as well. I’d always make time to visit Disney! Here’s to a good week ahead, and thanks so much for linking up this week. ~smile~ Roseanne


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