To-Do Tuesday #6

Like the rest of the United States, I am practicing social distancing.  For us crafters, these may allow extra time for participating in your craft.  For me, not much has changed, at least at the moment.  I already work from home 90% of the time and since I just moved to Florida, I don’t have many social engagements.  I’m not sure if more home time will result in extra quilting or more game/TV time with my father. Still, I’m planning an ambitious quilty week.

I missed last week’s To-Do, so let’s see how I did the week before:

  1. Clean my sewing room. I was working on several projects plus playing with scraps, so it’s a bit of a messy in there ✔️ Ok, honestly, it was more of a heavy straightening.  But for me, that’s clean so I’m calling that done
  2. decide on an OMG. I didn’t make February’s goal. And speaking of February’s goal… ✔️  kinda.  I did decide on an OMG, and even posted about it. Unfortunately, I was a day to late and was unable to link up to Elm Street Quilts
  3. Work on the binding ✖️  Nope. In fact, this project is now hidden away in a bag. Stuffed out of the way while cleaning for guest.
  4. Cut the background strips for my quilting group’s March challenge ✔️ Again, marking this done, but not in the way it was planned.  I cut a few before I decided on using a ruler to make the half-square triangles.  In order to preserve fabric, I only cut was needed for the step I was on.
  5. work on my RSC projects ✖️ Nope

So my ambitious list for this week?

Goal #1 Finish the top for my groups March challenge. I won’t meet up with my group this month, as my workplace has gone totally work at home during this pandemic.  Therefore, no trip up to the D.C. metro area for me this month.  But I would like to finish this quilt up an move on to the next.  The challenge was to use the fabric we exchanged for Christmas.  I’m using the pattern “Nova” by Kim Brackett.  Here’s where I am today.


One more rectangle to add to the side and the blocks will be done.  Then I just need to sew the blocks together and add the borders. And speaking of borders…

Goal #2 Finish bordering the last few quilts.  I always get stuck on the borders.  I tend to lose interest at that point.  Here are just some of the few that need borders:

You’ll notice Violet is the group, I just recently realized that the pattern included a border. And you’ll see a Swoon block.  That is now sewn together, but again, it needs a border.

Goal #3 RSC. This month is teal/aqua.  I’m not sure if I plan to separate out the blues into two different months.  We’ll see.

Goal #4 prepare a quilt for quilting

Goal #5 Start something new.  I feel like I want to start a quilt to monumentalize (not sure this is the correct word) this moment in history.  But, I also just want to sew a project for me, because I want to, not for a challenge

And 5 goals, some pretty big, is enough for this week.

I hope everyone is safe and healthy.  I have confidence that we will get through this.


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One thought on “To-Do Tuesday #6

  1. Hi Mercedes! I agree with you – I have confidence we will get through this as well. I have started working from home today, and have to say I’m not enjoying it all that much. I miss my peeps at work! That is one ambitious list, but I do rather expect them from you. Good luck and thanks for linking up this week. ~smile~ Roseanne


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