To Do Tuesday #11

Wow, it’s been almost two months since I last posted! As always I didn’t mean to take a break. Between COVID-19 loss of sewing mojo and pattern testing, I didn’t have anything to post about. In the last two months I’ve worked on 4 paper pieced blocks. I don’t have pictures of two, but here are two in progress.

I had planned to take a break from testing after the top picture, but then the opportunity presented itself to request blocks for a quilt that was hoping to make for a cousin for Christmas. One of the designers graciously made 3 blocks specifically at my request and made about 10 others that would go with my quilt. So I definitely had to test them. For many people, paper-piecing is a love it or hate it type of thing. It’s not for me. I don’t mind doing it, and I love the way the blocks turn out and the design opportunities it provides, but it does tend to get tedious. Especially if you’re working on a block with lots of pieces, many of which are tiny. The black and white one was that way.

Now on to this week’s To-Do List. This is actually a two week list, as next week I’ll be on vacation (although local, because you know, COVID)

  • Pattern Testing #5. This one has way less pieces then the last one. I’ll still be fortunate to finish it in two weeks
  • Start Pattern Testing #6. This has even less pieces then #5, so I’m hoping I can power through. This would give me 5 blocks for my cousins Christmas quilt, so I may take a short break
  • Finish the kite blocks – I have gray and blue blocks left. I’d like to finish the gray block
  • Begin Belle’s graduation quilt. One of my younger cousin graduated from high school this year. She lives in NY, so no graduation party yet, but I’d like to have her quilt done before she goes to school.

And that’s all for this next two weeks! Hopefully I’ll be back on a regular schedule after my staycation!

Thanks for stopping by!

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One thought on “To Do Tuesday #11

  1. Hi Mercedes! I wondered what happened to you, but then . . . you know, COVID. I totally understand the ebb and flow of creativity. Good luck with your list and enjoy your vacation. Thanks for linking up this week. ~smile~ Roseanne


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