Refreshed – To Do Tuesday

In last week’s post, I talked about needing a break from the paper-pieced quilt I had been working on. I’m happy to say I succeeded and am back this week refreshed.

Last week’s goals were:

  • Finish Draw Near – Complete! I’ll share pictures on Friday
  • Start Meadow Mist Mystery – no progress
  • Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt fabric selection – Maybe complete? It turns out I ended up liking Bonnie’s suggestions. Here’s my first pull. Only problem, 3 of the 4 colors came from a bin of leftover Alltaire fabric, one of Bonnie’s previous mysteries. I’m concerned it will look too similar. So I’m considering changing the red to purple.

On to this week’s goals!

#1 Complete on paper pieced Broadway block – the quilt I’ve been working on is Broadway theme. I currently have 14 blocks completed. I need at least 3 more for the layout I have in mind. If I have time I’d like to replace one. I’d like to finish all the blocks this month so that I can focus on assembling and quilting in December. Here’s the fabric for this week’s block, can you guess the play?

#2 Start Meadow Mist Mystery – carryover from last week

#3 Straighten up the sewing room – It could use a bit of tidying.

So that’s it for the week. It’s a short list, and unfortunately my to-do lists for November will look like this. A little boring, but if I meet my goals I’ll have this quilt ready for Christmas.


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One thought on “Refreshed – To Do Tuesday

  1. Hi Merecedes! Gosh, that fabric pull could be just about anything but my mind went to Beauty and the Beast with those yellows. I’m sure I’m wrong but now I can’t wait to hear what they are for! Thanks for linking up again – I’m so glad you’re feeling refreshed. ~smile~ Roseanne


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