Change of Plans – To Do Tuesday 1/12/2021

Last Tuesday I posted a pretty ambitious list. It’s a new year I thought, things will definitely get better. Then Wednesday came and the world shifted. Some serious health issues were diagnosed for several close family members. There was turmoil in our nation’s capital. I’m feeling a little less ambitious this week. But still optimistic about what 2021 will bring!

Despite the uncertain week, I did make at least progress on each goal:

Goal #1: Make progress on my RSC ✔️.

Goal #2: Work on my UFO for the month ✔️, but more like progress. I opened the bundle. I searched patterns. And then I changed plans. I’m putting this UFO back. I’m not ready to work on it this month. Instead, goal #3 will become my UFO of the month

Goal #3: Baste a baby quilt, my OMG for January ✔️. So I forgot to post my OMG for January. But that’s ok, even if it’s not counted, I can still have an OMG. The quilt is now basted. And I may have forced others to participate. Here’s my aunt (back of her head) and cousin’s best friend (OSU shirt) helping me pin the quilt. Yay for team effort!

Goal #4 Work on my mystery quilts✔️. Again, more like progress. The “work” ended up being thinking. Friday’s clue for Bonnie Hunter’s mystery ended up being the reveal. So I spent some time analyzing the pattern, thinking about how I would change it up. I like the quilt a lot! But the string pieced grey is a little to much for me. So I’m contemplating the sashing. Another change of plans

Goal #5 Take a quilt class ✔️. The class was a lot of fun! It was nice to actually see other quilters and have quilty conversation. There’s homework for the next class, which will probably be one of my goals.

Goal #6 Work on Broadway quilt ✔️. The intent of this goal was to get the last block done. That did not happen, I didn’t even work on it. But I did remove paper on one of the blocks, which is working on the quilt, so I’m giving myself a check.

So what’s on the list for this week? The same as last week, just less.

  • Goal #1 Work on my RSC. I’m hoping finish all the grey & pink blocks. Plus I need the space cleared if I want to quilt the baby quilt this month
  • Goal #2 Work on Meadow Mist Mystery quilt. Bonnie’s is on hold, which is the usual for me, but I’d like to catch up on this one
  • Goal #3 Work on Broadway quilt. Progress is progress. whether that means finishing the block or just removing paper. Both moves the quilt forward.

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2 thoughts on “Change of Plans – To Do Tuesday 1/12/2021

  1. I love your attitude about goal setting. When I started participating in OMG and To Do Tuesday, I quickly realized that there was a disconnect between how much I THOUGHT I could get done in any given week and how much I could REALISTICALLY get done that week. So I’ve had to learn to cut those goals way down, too. Sometimes my goal is just to spend 30 minutes a day, whether I’m winding bobbins, pulling foundation papers off, or actually sewing anything. So I definitely think your removing paper counts as working on a project! I also think it’s awesome that you’ve recruited helpers for pin basting. Maybe you just inspired two new quilters this week!


  2. Hi Mercedes! I am so glad to see that you’re okay after the riots at the Capitol. I’m sorry to hear about the serious health issues with your family members. I’ll add them to my prayers. I just adore that picture of you with your peeps, pinning a quilt top. How nice that they helped you and that you could spend some time together. Thanks for linking up this week. ~smile~ Roseanne


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