Turtle Pace – To Do Tuesday

After starting the new year off full steam ahead, I slowed to a crawl these last few weeks. Although I’ve spent a good amount of time in my quilting room, I don’t have much to show.

I worked on my January RSC quilt, and ran out of the gray. I had a comedy of errors trying to order more. It will show up eventually.

I worked on cutting fabric for my cousin’s sons Disney signature quilts. But I needed more fabric so they’re on hold this week. I’m actually going for a different design then the picture below

I worked on my January UFO, which only needed to be quilted and bound. I had my machine serviced over the holiday and received a ruler foot and some quilt rulers for Christmas. Turns out the machine was still not working properly so back to the shop. And while the front of the quilt looked decent, the back was a tangled nest of threads.

So on to this week’s to-do list.

  • Work on Meadow Mist Mystery. I need to complete December and January clues. And February’s clue will be released on Thursday
  • work on February’s UFO, #4. This is the kite quilt I made the blocks for last year.
  • Remove papers from Broadway blocks. The plan is to just keep moving forward here.
  • start working on my yellow scraps, the RSC color for February. Yellow is my least used colors, so I don’t have a lot of scraps. I also don’t want a full yellow quilt, so I need to spend some time thinking about this quilt.

And that’s enough for this week!


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2 thoughts on “Turtle Pace – To Do Tuesday

  1. Hi Mercedes! How annoying about your machine servicing – that bites that you had to take it in again. And then to run out of fabric, too?! Geez. Thanks so much for linking up and good luck with your list. ~smile~ Roseanne


  2. Oh, gosh — I can relate to the Sagas of Online Fabric Ordering Snafus and Misbehaving Machinery! Hope you’re squared away and back in business soon. I love those kite blocks on your wall! They have such a fun mid-century modern vibe. Perfect pattern for the fabric selections!


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