Moving Along – To Do Tuesday 1/11/22

Progress was made on all my goals last week!

  • Pick an OMG – this needs to be done by tomorrow!

Done! My OMG is to finish this quilt:

  • Get started on my red scraps, the RSC color for January

Done! My red scraps have been pulled and are currently all over my quilting room.

  • Fold some fabric

Done! Or at least one grocery bag’s worth. It’s not the biggest bag, but it’s progress.

  • Start cutting fabric for the exploding heart QAL: you can find more info here!

Done! But only because the goal was to start cutting the fabric. I’ve got a bit more to cut before Thursday’s step.

Can I top last week? Let’s see. Here are the goals for this week:

  • Finish cutting out Exploding Heart, start on this week’s step
  • Begin paper-pieced Ducktales block
  • Begin Australia quilt
  • Put binding on Snoopy Valentine’s Day quilt
  • Continue working on red scraps

My fabric arrived this afternoon for the Australia quilt, so it’s time to get started.

We’re in the process of taking down the Christmas decorations. A little later than most people, but since I got COVID over the holiday, we didn’t actually open gifts until this past weekend. Once those are down, I’ll use the Snoopy Valentine’s Day quilt on the back of the sofa. I plan on binding by machine, so this shouldn’t take long.

Now off to get started!

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One thought on “Moving Along – To Do Tuesday 1/11/22

  1. The fabrics for your Australia quilt are gorgeous, and I like your OMG quilt. I got my pieces cut for Exploding Heart and started on block B. Got them halfway done so far.
    Thank you for linking up with To Do Tuesday!


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